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E911 Coordinator

Ofc Jeanine Matott (781)767-1212 xt874


Job Description:

If someone dials 911 they will reach Holbrook Public Safety. A cellphone will get you to the state and they will turn you over to us immediately. A landline comes directly to dispatch.


Officer Matott is the officer in charge of the Holbrook Police E911 system. She works with the state to maintain functionality and assure that when you dial 911 you reach the right people.


The following form will alert officials that an individual residing at your address communicates over the phone by a TTY and/or has a disability that may hinder evacuation or transport. This information is confidential and only appears at the dispatcher’s location.


Click here for the form:  E911 Disability Indicator Form

Please download the form and email a completed copy to or send by US post to 300 South Franklin Street in Holbrook, MA 02343.


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