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Counterfeit Bills
In order to avoid being victimized, please be aware of the following:
  • Pay close attention to large bills, paticularly $20s, $50's and $100's.  

  • The scam involves a suspect purchasing low dollar amounts of goods and paying for them with a large counterfeit bill. This way the suspect gets change in proper currency.

  • Smaller convienience stores appear to be a favored target.

  • Always check bills with a counterfeit marker or by other approved means before accepting them as legal tender.

  • If you think you have been victimized, contact the HPD immediately. If you can, ask the suspect for thier name and date of birth. If the party refuses, call 911.

  • Do whatever you can to keep the suspect in the store without resorting to physical restraint. Do not touch them or get in thier way if they do try to leave.

  • Be a good witness. Get vehicle information and license plate, height and weight of suspect, race, and clothing description. Anything in particular that may distinguish the suspect from the rest of the population could lead to an arrest.

  • Please call the HPD with any information you may have in regards to incidents of couterfeitng.

  • Counterfeiting involves either producing counterfeit bills OR trying to pass them. If you think you have come into the possesion of a counterfeit bill, report it! You may be just as liable if you pass a counterfeit bill on rather than reporting it.

  • Please continue to check this website for updates in regard to this issue. The Holbrook Police Department is dedicated to assuring your safety and well-being. We are better able to accomplish our mission with your help!

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