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EOPSS Traffic Grant
The Holbrook Police, in partnership with the Executive Office of Public Safety
and Security, has engaged in traffic enforcement in an effort to make
Massachusetts roads safer.

The program consists of Click it or Ticket (CIOT), Drunk Driving Over the Limit - Under
Arrest (DDOLUA), and Road Respect.

For the latest information regarding enforcement, click here:
Click it or Ticket Massachusetts

The Holbrook Police would like to remind operators that the Grant dates are not the only
time we will be out looking for dangerous driving so remember -
Drive safe!
  • Click it or Ticket - This type of mobilization concentrates on seat belt safety. Officers will stop cars for traffic infractions and remind drivers and passengers to buckle up! Citations for not wearing a seat belt are $25 and do not affect your driving record. Buckle up because it could save your life.

  • Drunk Driving, Over the Limit - Under Arrest is just what it implies. Officers will be on the road looking for impaired drivers. Designate a driver or stay where you are, especially during the Holiday season.

  • Road Respect mobilizations concentrate on aggressive driving. Remeber - your not the only person on the road!

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