The History of The Holbrook Police Department




Public Safety Building

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HPD and The Community

Highschool Visit to Station circa 1975:

Drug awareness program at the school circa 1970:

Officer Dwight Burns helps Santa prepare the station for
Christmas (1985):

Officer Michael Scherber entertaining one of the kids at the
open house at the Fire Station (10/2001):

Officers display riot gear at the High School (Mid 70's).
Foreground is Officer (Now Sgt) Mark Shanly; Officer Tom Bolinder
(Now Lieut. in Quincy); and Officer Frank Sonnek:

Officer Gunderway receives and award from
the board of selectmen for excellence in
community relations.

Ofc. Matott at the Child Passenger Safety Fundraiser
HPD Military
Officer Ford sports a Holbrook Patch in Afghanistan.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

 Officers (Francis Mack and Charles Williams) take
measurements after auto accident. (Circa 1965):

Sgt Al Briand gathers information after a traffic
accident. (12/24/65):

Officer Donald White directs traffic at an accident on
North Franklin Street (12/24/1965):

Officer Bob Grant investigates a traffic accident on
Plymouth Street on May 2,1963:

Sgt. Al Briand investigates a traffic accident on
Weymouth Street July 31, 1960:

In Memoriam
This website is dedicated to all the officers who
have served that are no longer with us.

Quinn Parade
Ofc. Quinn (left) at the Memorial Day parade.

Quinn Collage
A collage of Ofc. Quinn in the academy

Officer Quinn at the Dedication of
the new PSB.

Officer Quinn at Sumner Field.

Officer Michael A Scherber
2/12/53 - 2/26/2004

The other Mike! Mike also drove a truck
for Grant Steel and developed a rapport
with his customers in that field as well.

Officer Candids

Officer Gunderway poses with his cruiser outside
the North Franklin Street station.

Chief Francis Mack in the early '70s.

Officer Holden investigates an incident of vandalism
to the school in the early '70s.


1974 drug seizure. From left to right:
Off Paul Durfee, Off Bob Durand, Sgt Don White

The Massachusetts State Police helicopter
landed at the Sumner Field to assist
our photographers.

Ariel View of the old Station

Chief Cordaro, a member of the flight crew,
and Fire Chief OBrien.
Officers Past & Present

Members of Holbrook Police 1967.
Front Row: Al Briand;Chief Charles Williams;
Francis Mack Back Row: Don White;
Leo Riendeau; Bob Cole; Bob Grant;John Sheehan


1988 - Officers Jim Morgan, Jim Landers, and
Bill Smith are sworn in after graduating from the
Academy and completing probation.

New Officers Andrew Martins, Chief Cordaro,
Anthony DeGrazia, and James Hurley at their
graduation 8/3/2001.

1994 - Officer Eric Gunderway after
graduating from Academy
(Pictured with Off Marchand Oak Bluffs Police).
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