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Holbrook Patrolmen’s Association

New England Police Benevolent Association Local# 88

Holbrook Police Department K-9 Fund


The Holbrook Patrolmen’s Association, N.E.P.B.A. Local# 88 in conjunction with Norfolk County Sheriff Michael G. Bellotti and Holbrook Police Chief William D. Marble Jr. has established a Police K-9 Program for the Town of Holbrook. The program shall consist of obtaining a specialized cruiser and German Shepard. A K-9 program will greatly enhance the effectiveness of the Holbrook Police Department in following major areas:

1.       Criminal Apprehension - A K-9 can scent-detect a hiding /fleeing suspect and chase down any suspect in sight.  The dog can more effectively and less intrusively search a building or vehicle for suspects and/or drugs.

2.       Search and Rescue- A K-9 can track missing people, which reduce the time and manpower involved in rescue missions.  The Holbrook K-9 will become part of a team of other Law Enforcement K-9 Units that will respond to Holbrook in the event of a large-scale search and rescue operation or manhunt.  This additional mutual aid response is at no cost to the Town.

3.       Hostile Crowd Control- The Holbrook Police Department Operates with only twenty members, which results in only two or three officers on the road at one time.  A K-9 is a very effective tool in dispersing an angry crowd with minimum manpower.

4.       Community Policing and Public Relations- A K-9 Demonstration is a very effective way to draw people into positive conversation and interaction with a police officer, especially for young people.

With the help of Norfolk County Sheriff Michael G. Bellotti, who has provided a specialized K-9 cruiser and the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Department, which will provide no cost K-9 training, the program is underway. The Chief will select an officer to be the K9 handler. However, due to police budget restraints the program needs the public’s help.

The Police Union President, Officer John P. Kearney has established the H.P.D. K-9 Fund. The fund shall be used to purchase a German Shepard, as well as, provide veterinary care, provisions, equipment, and training gear for the animal.  If you would like to aid in this worthy cause, please make a check payable to:

HPD K9 Fund
Holbrook Public Safety Building
300 South Franklin Street
Holbrook MA 02343



President NEPBA #88
Officer John P. Kearney

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