The Technology of The Holbrook Police Department

Inside the HPD

Click on the photos below to see an enlarged image:

We use a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system for dispatch management. Calls are
recorded and tracked by computer, along with computerized arrest and booking information.

Some cruisers are equipped with Mobile Data Terminals allowing officers to query
information on the road. Availbale info includes license info, registration info,
warrants, missing person status, and restraining orders.

The laptops also allow access to the Hazardous Material
Database for potential hazards at accident scenes.

Some of the Cruisers have mounted Radar.

The control module is on the dash, the front facing Radar cone is next to the
mirror and the handheld control is depicted hanging from the cone. The handheld
control is usually left on a hook where the driver can easily access it.

The light control box and radio controls are located in the center console.

(You can also get a better look at the radar control in the cupholder.)

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